Free One Hour Advisory Session

MAMSA not only understands the importance of realising the existence of any sales concern, but also emphasises on eliminating obstacles to your sales progress. Ultimately, it is about getting the results you deserve.

Hence, MAMSA is offering a FREE One Hour Advisory Session for anyone or any organisation that is keen to take a great leap forward. This is an obligation-free session for you to gain greater insights into how you can unleash the potentials within yourself or your organisation to achieve impressive results.

What’s in for you?
We will listen to your sales concerns and analyse your situation for you. With the understanding of your basic needs in mind, we will proceed to offer programmes tailored to addressing your sales concerns. Because everyone or every organisation’s situation is unique, the solutions proposed by our MAMSA Consultants will be customised to your specific needs.

What sort of advice?
This will comprise all of the professional services that MAMSA offers, from the various types of sales training and consulting to providing sales qualifications and the recruitment of sales professionals. In short, this is a comprehensive package aimed at helping you achieve your sales targets or fulfil your aspirations for a professional sales career.

How is it done?
Contact MAMSA and share with us your sales-related concerns, either through email or phone call.

Contact person: Su-Lin Ong
Tel: (65) 6286 6238

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