Crucial for: Sales Managers, Sales Professionals, Inspired Individuals
Stage a success. But all begins with doing everything right.

Attune to result-oriented mode, driven by the passionate sense of achievement. Get focussed on your selling efforts as we guide you to achieve sales excellence.

Sales Performance Coaching is essentially tailored to help individuals who are at the frontline of sales activities gain sales knowledge, skills and competence. A totally flexible programme, it comes in short-term or long-term coaching contracts. Short-term contracts are suitable for clients who are keen to engage an expert to help them accomplish clearly defined specific goals. Long-term contracts are for clients who require professional advice to identify their specific needs in order to improve their sales performance.

Coach’s Coaxes

Evaluating your sales skills and competence
Setting clearer goals
Offering advice, structure and support
Focussing efforts for faster results
Reviewing and analysing sales calls
Performing exercises and role plays to build and strengthen sales skills
Strengthening functional product/service knowledge base
Establishing a strategic sales plan
Planning activities, goals and objectives
Identifying profitable accounts
Developing contact methods
Determining call strategy
Designing appropriate questioning techniques
Building objection response strategies
Sharpening closing skills

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