Crucial for: Business Owners
Where is your direction? Do you even have one?

Hiring an expert full-time to tackle all your sales problems can be good, but will substantially increase your manpower cost. However, without a crucial guide, your sales team may just be bumping around without much achievement. So, where do you want your business to head towards?

Consider this better deal: engaging an expert from MAMSA Consultants as a Consultative Sales Manager to help you ease all your pains and provide critical directions towards which your sales team will head.

The MAMSA Consultant may provide the necessary guidance that is tailored to the needs of your organisation in dealing with the specific problems facing you. The frequency of which the Consultative Sales Manager will meet with you and your sales team can be flexibly arranged, depending on your needs. In short, this is a flexible package that offers your business critical directions for it to flourish.

En Route

A MAMSA Consultant as your part-time sales manager
Flexibility in the frequency of engagement
Customised advice and solutions
Strategic manpower cost saving
Sales results enhancement

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